This post is a follow-up of a short exchange between BenMauss and me when I commented on his Dungeons & Dragons themed code to illustrate the principles of object-oriented programming: OOP with D&D: Inheritance.

When I was a teenager, I played Shadowrun with friends. I hold dear memories of that time, and I also always wanted to play these games on a computer, so I thought I might give it a shot and provide an example on my own.

I am not 100% familiar with the rules, so I might unintentionally implement these rules in the wrong way.

Also, I…

La connaissance, c’est le pouvoir.

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The following text is about managing expectations. There are quite a few writers out there on Medium writing about how little is enough. What’s not part of their posts: they don’t decide it as they’re not responsible for the hiring.

A response to

What was the significant change in the last three years? The libraries mentioned in the author’s post did not change significantly. By that I mean, the APIs are pretty robust, bugs were fixed and features were added.

So, why did staffing in companies change? Where was a shift of focus? …

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Medium is a megaphone for ideas

A strong statement by Mikael Cho in his story Medium + Unsplash.


Setting My Stage

I felt the need to write this story as I developed an ambivalent relationship with Medium, the content available on Medium, and the style of writing on Medium. I have been a professional freelance-programmer for more than 14 years, and I think it is a fun yet challenging discipline. I understand how difficult it can be to become a paid writer for programming and data science-related topics.

But because I know about the opportunities these fields provide, I also…

Florian Salihovic

Entrepreneur · Machine learning and software engineering for bread and butter

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