This is neither a code review nor do I want to discredit the work of a fellow programmer. I aim to provide a different perspective for anyone interested on the topic of complexity and simplicity in software engineering though.

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Inspired by a post I read a while ago, I decided…

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Medium is a megaphone for ideas

A strong statement by Mikael Cho in his story Medium + Unsplash.


Setting My Stage

I felt the need to write this story as I developed an ambivalent relationship with Medium, the content available on Medium, and the style of writing on Medium. I…

This post is a follow-up of a short exchange between BenMauss and me when I commented on his Dungeons & Dragons themed code to illustrate the principles of object-oriented programming: OOP with D&D: Inheritance.

When I was a teenager, I played Shadowrun with friends. I hold dear memories of that…

In every field?

It's neither something I wrote nor something I could have implied; that straw man attack is unnecessary.

I expect programmers to build a solid understanding of the domain they're writing software for. This can be done by talking to people from the respective field or industry. That's part of the process and why building software can be challenging - programmers need to educate themselves about more than just tools.

Familiarity can be an outcome, not a premise to start with.

Quote Rich Hickey: In particular, if you want everything to be familiar, you will never learn anything new because it can't be significantly different from what you already know and not drift away from the familiarity.

I don't know, it feels like your inspiration for this post is stronly based on I was visiting the side yesterday it's kind of interesting to see such resemblance. Same analogy (lights gone), same code ...

TestStringMethods is straight copied from yet you covered just a fraction of what's important.

Your work on Julia is still strong, but with this vast amount of banal work on Python, I don't know if I should unfollow.

La connaissance, c’est le pouvoir.

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The following text is about managing expectations. There are quite a few writers out there on Medium writing about how little is enough. What’s not part of their posts: they don’t decide it as they’re not responsible for the hiring.

A response to

What was the significant change…

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